Documents and records of the Association (Meeting Minutes, Financials, Committee Reports and other information) are stored in our online archives. CLICK HERE  to access both recent and historical documents, or click a link below to go directly to that document.


               March 6, 2017 Executive Session Minutes               February 16, 2017 Open Board Meeting Minutes

               January 2017 Open Board Meeting Minutes            January 2017 Treasurer's Report

               DIPOA AGCRC Project Suggestion Submittal            Hartman Trust


Dues-paying members receive free beach access, as well as discounts at the Pirates Bar & Grill. When you pay your dues, you will be mailed a membership card.  Show your card at the Isle Dauphine complex for these discounts.

The suggested voluntary annual dues is $150 per year.

You may also pay by check via mail to: P.O. Box 39, Dauphin Island, AL 36528,

or in person (with check or card) at the office 100-C Orleans Drive.

Make your check payable to "DIPOA". Include with your check your name, email address, physical mailing address, island address (if different from your mailing address) and optionally, a phone number. Even though the suggested dues are $150 per year, we are delighted to accept more if you wish to give a greater donation!


The POPS sub-committee plans to work with property owners in the proximity of the five major Property Owner Parks (POPs) to seek appropriate solutions to the unauthorized usage of the properties. The committee is currently working with property owners close to Lafitte Bay. There are preliminary plans in place for landscaping, pilings and benches/tables to prevent anyone from driving across this parcel to launch a boat on the sandy beach.

The Tennis Court Sub-Committee is pleased to announce that a project is underway to resurface and paint the court, and to replace the fencing. 


Dauphin Island Property Owners Association



By virtue of owning property on Dauphin Island, you are a member of the DIPOA. If you do not receive our annual newsletter and election mail-out, or our monthly meeting reminder and recap, we need your contact information and email address. If you have never provided your contact info (or are uncertain if you have provided it), please complete the form below with the name your parcel is deeded in.

Please include your email address, your mailing address, phone # and most importantly, your island address.

 We will be sure you are added to our membership lists and our email database so that we may keep you informed.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​CURRENT NEWS


The 2017 DIPOA Annual membership meeting will be held at 302 Key Street in the DI Methodist Church Community Center on Saturday May 13, @ 11:00am. The annual election will take place at the same time. Ballots and proxies will be mailed within the next week to ten days. There are 3 three year terms to be filled in this year's election. There are six (6) candidates vying for the three seats for the 2017-2020 term. 

                      Robin Linn                                   Earle Walkley

                      Kay Pinegar                                 John M. Walter

                      Susan Gunnells Smith                   Marc Whitehead 

You may link to read the cadidate bios HERE. 


During a recent gas line repair, the office phone line was accidentally cut, and the lines are currently rerouted to the office. We are awaiting Centurylink to repair and expect a March 27 date of completion.

Please use 251-861-3144 to attempt to reach the office. Some callers are making it through, some callers are receiving the "busy" message. If you cannot get through, please leave  a message and Denise will be checking these periodically. Alternatively, email her at office@dipoa.org with your number and she will call you.  

We apologize for any inconvenience.​