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At our June 16 DIPOA Open meeting, Roberta Swann made a presentation to the membership on behalf of the Mobile Bay Estuary Program about this upcoming study. The purpose of the study is to understand the condition of the watershed and promote opportunities to ensure its long term health. The meetings for "shareholders" (property owners are a class of shareholder) will begin next month.


The first meeting will be held at the Shelby Center on Dauphin Island, Thursday September 8, 2016 @ 6:30pm.  
There will be other reminders sent in advance of the date.

​To learn more about the study, you may read  the Dauphin Island Watershed Management Program  Project Description HERE.


We have received notice (See HERE) from the Alabama Historical Commission that the Isle Dauphine Club at 100 Orleans Drive, Dauphin Island, Alabama has been proposed for nomination to the National Register.  The Alabama National Register Review Board will consider the nomination at their meeting scheduled for September 29, 2016 in Montgomery. You are not obligated, but are encouraged, to send written comment in advance of this meeting to support, in your opinion, that this site meets National Register Requirements. You may use this template as an outline to write the Historical Commission. We have been looking toward this for quite a few years and we are excited to be so close to consideration at this time. If you have further questions about the designation, please visit the  Alabama Historical Commission website ​or contact: Collier Neely
                                                National Register Coordinator
                                                Alabama Historical Commission



When the Town's lease on WSB ended, this beach reverted to the DIPOA. The Town agreed to make all parking areas in their right of ways "Permit Only Parking" at the request of the DIPOA. These town ROW and parking areas are at Raphael Semmes, St. Stephens, Sam Houston and S. Sehoy Streets.  Information about how to and who may obtain Parking Permits is HERE. Garbage cans have been placed at each right of way by the DIPOA. The DIPOA BOD and the Town Council continue to work through issues related to this as they arise. Please contact the Directors if you have any concerns, comments or questions regarding permitting, or call the DIPOA Office @ 251-861-3144.


Click the Isle Dauphine tab above for venue contact information and more detail!

Pirates Bar & Grill, The Cabana/Pool/Beach at the Isle Dauphine

The grill is open 7 days/week @ 7am for breaskfast, lunch and dinner. The pool is STILL OPEN FOR THE SEASON!!!! 

The Isle Dauphine Supper Club & Event Center
The restaurant is closed for the season! The Ground Floor (beach level), and the Wheelroom (third floor) are available for parties, weddings, meetings and more.  

The Isle Dauphine Golf Club
The course is open 7 days/week from 8am to dusk. 



Documents and records of the Association (Meeting Minutes, Financials, Committee Reports and other information) are stored in our online archives.

CLICK HERE  to access both recent and historical documents.


Please remember the Office Manager takes a lunch daily, usually between 11-1. If you plan to stop by midday, give Denise  a call first to be sure she's in the office .

The Office Manager is looking for a few good volunteers to assist with some tasks in the file room. There are multiple drawers of records that need to be alphabetized, old meeting minutes/financial reports to be organized and filed, and lots of old papers to be shredded. Just stop in the office or call Denise, we appreciate any assistance!




The DIPOA Directors thank the property owners who have maintained the pocket parks in your neighborhood. We encourage property owners to paticipate in care and upkeep of any parcel in your general neighborhood.

Dauphin Island Property Owners Association



By virtue of owning property on Dauphin Island, you are a member of the DIPOA. If you do not receive our annual newsletter and election mail-out, or our monthly meeting reminder and recap, we need your contact information and email address. If you have never provided your contact info (or are uncertain if you have provided it), please complete the form below with the name your parcel is deeded in. Please include your email address, your mailing address phone # and most importantly, your island address.

 We will be sure you are added to our membership lists and our email database so that we may keep you informed.


Dues-paying members receive free beach access, as well as discounts at the Pirates Bar & Grill. When you pay your dues, you will be mailed a membership card.  Show your card at the Isle Dauphine complex for these discounts.

The suggested voluntary annual dues is $150 per year.

You may also pay by check via mail to: P.O. Box 39, Dauphin Island, AL 36528,

or in person (with check or card) at the office 100-C Orleans Drive.

Make your check payable to "DIPOA". Include with your check your name, email address, physical mailing address, island address (if different from your mailing address) and optionally, a phone number. Even though the suggested dues are $150 per year, we are delighted to accept more if you wish to give a greater donation!

Review the list of FY 2016-17 dues-paid members here:  Dues-Paid Member List ​ 

(The dues-paid list is USUALLY updated about once a month, not as each and every donation check comes in.  If you recently sent in your dues, but your name is not showing up yet on the dues-paid list, wait a few weeks before checking back​. If you are certain you have paid your dues, and do not see your name, please contact Denise in the office.)