The 2018 June BOD Meeting of the DIPOA will be held on:


6:00 p.m

Isle Dauphine Clubhouse

Thank you Beth Lyons for contributing some of your beautiful photos.

Scott Ritter has replaced the seat of Kay Pinegar. Here is his bio:

Scott J. Ritter

311 Pineda St.

Dauphin Island, AL 36528


Scott Ritter along with his wife have been full time residents of Dauphin Island for seventeen years and just recently moved their old house and built their dream house on Lafitte Bay.  Scott graduated from University of South Alabama with a BS in Civil Engineering.  He understands building and environmental factors and is passionate and understands the dynamics of this for Dauphin Island.   He is one of the founding partners and COO of Orion engineering with offices in Mobile, Pascagoula and Baton Rouge.  He is married to Sandra who also graduated from South Alabama and is currently the President of Sirius Technical Services.  Scott and Sandra moved down to Dauphin Island because they loved the culture and the peace that comes each time you cross the bridge.  Scott recognizes that the Island is growing with more tourist and full time residents.  His main focus would be to make sure the growth is positive for the Island.   His goals would be threefold; Stopping beach erosion, preserving the POA property for the use of its membership and the financial stability of the POA.  As a board member Scott will work with the POA membership to preserve the things that we all love about the Island.   When Scott is not working you can find him fishing the in-shore water around the island or enjoying our beautiful beaches with Sandra and their black lab Nick.

The following Board members have been designated to serve on the Board as:

   Dennis Knizley- President

    Beth Lyons-Vice President

David Keeler- Treasurer

 Earle Walkley- Secretary

Thanks to all the candidates for participating and their interest in DIPOA matters.

Dennis Knizley, Brian Hunt and Tom Clark (in order of photos) have been elected to the DIPOA Board-Congratulations!


Dauphin Island Property Owners Association

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