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The meeting minutes for each month are always submitted for approval via Board vote at the meeting the following month. Therefore, minutes from the previous month are not uploaded into our online storage until they have been approved at the following month's meeting. 

Example: The minutes from the January meeting of any year will be uploaded after the February meeting of that year.

Dauphin Island Property Owners Association



The DIPOA Archives drive is our cloud-based document "warehouse" - an online location for Association documents such as meeting minutes, newsletters, committee reports and more.
Click here to access:
DIPOA Archives
(NOTE: Any recent-version browser may be used to view the Archives but Google Chrome will provide the best display.)
The report files (officer reports, meeting minutes, etc.) in the Archives are named with a standardized date format (e.g., 2014-03-28) so that they automatically sort in date order.  The most recent reports/documents will always be at the bottom of the list in each folder, unless you opt to manually change the folder sort during your viewing.
When you are looking in an Archives folder, in the upper right corner you can click to select either List View (to see filenames only) or Grid View (to see filenames + thumbnails).  That icon toggles back and forth to allow you to select one or the other of these views.